Luxury apparel with an artful, progressive edge and a confident ease.

CONSCIOUS LUXURY (n): Luxury apparel, artfully inspired and consciously brought to life.

Bringing mindfulness and depth to the fashion landscape is a driving force for the Nadjarina brand: style that transcends seasonal trends.

Nadjarina is the art of visual storytelling through fashion. We believe a wardrobe is a carefully curated gallery of your life and the memories that string it together. Each piece we design is a story that we've started, for you to continue.

Nadjarina is inspired by the modern woman- she is the muse, the life-giver, and today she is (finally) a leader, paving her own way. Nadjarina came from the desire to marry conceptual runway with functionality, to meet those chameleon-like needs of this modern woman. We create luxurywear that is bold and full of personality, with a focus on unexpected, luxe textures, in approachable and versatile silhouettes. Clothing as dynamic as the wearer. Each piece is intended to be loved, and evolve with the wearer.

The aesthetic has a bi-coastal influence - the bold confidence of a New Yorker, with the West Coast ease; a conceptual point of view with just enough restrain to fit easily into your wardrobe.


Low Impact Luxury Craftsmanship

Nadjarina fills a void in the modern industry, creating true luxury garments- progressive in style, and technically exquisite- made with conscious manufacturing practices in Los Angeles, California.

We focus on ethical & passionate craft, valuing that community that brings each vision to life. 

We honor traditional techniques, such as minimal-waste creation and sourcing locally as often as possible, as well as traditional sewing for an elevated experience both visually and technically. We return to the (not so basic) "basics", using luxurious cottons, linens, silks, leathers, stones, and metals. We take pride in the details, working hard to deliver the most exceptional pieces. 

Our apparel is designed to last for years and continuously evolve with your lifestyle. 

Should you decide to part with any of our pieces, please consider returning it as we will recycle the fabric, or donate it in an effort to empower other women in our local community.

Nadjarina was founded by designer, Lindsey Mallon, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. Lindsey founded Nadjarina in LA, with the idea that style needed to be flexible enough to move between meetings, picking up groceries with a child in tow, happy hour… and still maintain a strong sense of expression, and art. Nadjarina brings intent to the design and manufacturing practices; we do our part to work away from the waste and immense environmental damage of the fashion industry. As a woman, it is important to Lindsey to bring a sense of family and humanity to the workspace, especially in an industry so well known for the lack thereof. The story behind a piece should be of pride, passionate craft, and beauty; not of destruction and damaging workspaces. Everyone should do what they love and be appreciated for it.