It’s our pleasure to welcome you to what we refer to as CONSCIOUS LUXURY, the new standard for luxury:

Nadjarina fills a void in the modern industry, creating true luxury garments- progressive in style, and technically exquisite- made with conscious manufacturing practices in Los Angeles, California.

Bringing mindfulness and depth to the fashion landscape is a driving force for the Nadjarina brand. It is important that we bring a sense of community and humanity to the workspace, especially in an industry so well known for the lack thereof. The story behind a piece should be of pride, passionate craft, and beauty; not of destruction and damaging workspaces.

Nadjarina looks to work away from the waste and immense environmental damage of the fashion industry, for a better future. We use minimal waste and impact practices and source locally as often as possible. We return to the (not so basic) "basics", using luxurious cottons, linens, silks, leathers, stones, and metals.

We take pride in the details, working hard to deliver the most exceptional pieces. Our apparel is designed to last for years and continuously evolve with your lifestyle, under proper care. 


We hope each Nadjarina piece will be cherished for years to come, but should you decide to part with any of our pieces, please consider returning it back to Nadjarina (we’ll cover the shipping). We will donate the returned pieces in an effort to empower other women in our local community.

Pieces which do not meet donation requirements will be sent out for recycling or repurposing.

Please e-mail for more information or for a pre-paid return label to send your garments back.